Humkara with Haleem


Humkara with Haleem is a basic, simple, fast and incredible mending method.

In this methodology, Prana energy is anticipated and straightforwardly in an orderly and adjusted manner, so it embeds the energy in the five sheaths of the body. This serves to reinvent the energy body and emanation.

This method is valuable for:

1. Initiation of BRAMHA NAADI that opens the higher channel of the inconspicuous body.
2. Delivering blockages from Vishudhi chakra that offers intelligence to get to various measurements and give force of instinct.
3. With the amazing energy of HUMKARA and HALEEM every one of the negative energies can be warded of immediately.
4. It assists with expanding Focus and fixation so any objective can be accomplished.
5. Given assurance against every one of the sicknesses caused because of mental pressure.
6. Assists with eliminating addictions.
7. Takes out pressure, nervousness, misery.
8. Helps in clearing airs and making attraction in your auric field.
9. Settling business issues.
10. Improve cerebrum limit.
11. Helps understudies in their investigations.
12. Helps experts in all areas.

This Method chips away at extreme string cutting and eliminates profound established blockages.

This methodology chips away at monetary, mental, enthusiastic, otherworldly issues.

Destroys the blockages and invigorates you push ahead towards your objectives for any aspect of your life. It helps enormously in melancholy and clairvoyant assaults and shields you from all sort of negativeness with the heavenly energies of Kali and Bagalmukhi…


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